We make hundreds of specialised doors ever month for commercial, private and military application. Our range of Fire Doors, Steel-Clad Doors, Acoustic Doors, X-Ray Doors and Blast Doors are manufactured to meet the client’s requirements and to be certified to Australian and New Zealand standards.


Depending upon the doors desired application we use materials and construction processes that have been thoroughly tested and certified to Australian and New Zealand standards. To obtain and retain the required certifications Speciality Doors ensures compliance throughout the manufacturing process. For specific material information see each type of door below.

Types of Specialised Doors

Fire Doors

Specialty Doors is an industry leader in manufacturing Fire Doors for commercial and residential building projects. We make custom sized fire doors to suit any space from 1-hour to 4-hour ratings. Our doors can be clad in a range of skins and veneers to suit internal or external application. Additionally, we manufacture Fire Rated Frames and provide certification for AS1530 Part 4 and AS/NZS1905 Part 1 for both door and frame.


Our Fire Doors are made from E-Core’s vermiculite fire board wrapped in a fully customisable flush panel. All glass, vents and seals are fire rated to 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hours in accordance with AS1530 Part 4 and AS/NZS1905 Part 1.

Steel Clad Doors

Regularly used in factories and warehouses our Steel-Clad Doors are strong and reliable. Our doors are made with steel or hardwood frames, providing extra strength and durability. Using a mix of metals and finishes the Steal-Clad Door can be dressed up or down depending upon the customers requirements.


Our Steel-Clad Doors start at .66mm sheet and increase in thickness depending upon the requirement. We use a range of metals and finishes; including Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel and Colourbond. Frames are made from hardwood or steel, and edges can be wrapped, capped or edge stipe depending on the doors application.

Acoustic Doors

Ideal for studios, cinemas and quiet rooms our Acoustic Doors are engineered with unique materials and manufacturing processes. We engineer several versions of our acoustic door all of which have been designed by acoustic professionals to meet recommended RW ratings. Our Acoustic Doors can be made to any size and customised as the required by the customer.


Our Acoustic Doors are made with layered sound barriers including loaded vinyl, insulation, plasterboard and led sheet wrapped inside a thickened Flush Panel. Doors come with a range of seals to suit an acoustically engineered hardwood frame.

X-Ray Doors

Used by health care professionals in hospitals and private practise our X-Ray Doors protect staff and patients from damaging radiation. All of our doors are lead lined and can include lead glass. We manufacture our doors with hardwood internal frames to provide extra strength and structural rigidity.


Our X-Ray Doors are lined with 2.7mm lead and can include 1.6Pb or 2.2Pb lead glass. All doors are wrapped in a strengthened solid core flush panel, with a hard wood or steel frame.

Bullet Proof and Blast Doors

Getting shot at, need a door? No worries. We make doors that can withstand ballistic and blast impact for commercial and military application. Due to the doors weight we can also supply a re-enforced steel frame.


Our Bullet Resistant and Blast Doors are built with steel, concrete and a blast resistant internal core. The exterior can be metal-clad, MDF or veneered.


Fired Doors, Acoustic Doors, X-Ray Doors and Blast Doors can have a custom veneer applied. All of our veneers are manufactured locally using select hardwoods. Below are some of the more commonly requested varieties. We can apply the veneers vertically or horizontally as requested by the customer.


Our glazing options for specialised doors are mostly dependent upon the specific purpose of the door. For Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, X-Ray Doors and Blast Proof Doors glass is toughened and treated in accordance with certification standards. For other doors our existing range of glass is available.

Moulding & Metal Work

We stock a classic range of period mouldings suitable for Victorian, Edwardian and Federation styles. If our customer has a specific design in mind, we can help match the moulding to the door, and if we don’t have the moulding in stock, we can source it. For our big or oversize doors, we regularly use tubular steel to reinforce the door frame. The steel is not visible as it sits within the door as a sub frame.


Door and frame sets make installation simple and removes the time-consuming process of hanging a custom door from a standard frame. We make custom frames from hardwood or steel, and engineer each of our frames to fit the size and weight of the door. Our door and frame sets include seels, stops and sills as required by our customer.