We make custom flush panel doors in any shape or size. We use a mix of materials to suit internal or external use, while engineer the door to fit a hinge, pivot or slider. All of our doors can be fully customised with veneers, glazing, moulding and metal work. Our flush panel doors start as a pine or hardwood frame, to which steel can be added for extra strength. The internal core is cut to size, placed inside the frame, glued between two skins and pressed. All of our doors are routed to provide a uniform edge, andare finished with glass, vents, mouldings and various grooves to suit the doors purpose.


We use the best quality materials to make the best quality doors. All of our flush panel doors use a mix of the following materials determined by their purpose and the budget of the customer.

  • Door Frames: Are made from either Pine or Hardwood depending on the required strength and weight of the door.

  • Door Core: Customers usually request a solid or semi-solid core, depending on the purpose of the door our cores are generally made of Particle Board, Blockboard, Permacore, Cardboard or E-Core.

  • Skin: We use a range of skins in a range of thickness to suit the purpose of the door. Our most regularly used skins are MDF, Duracote, Pine or Primed MDF.


Veneers are used on our Stain Grade Flush Panel doors. All of our veneers are manufactured locally using select hardwoods. Below are some of the more commonly requested varieties. We can apply the veneers vertically or horizontally as requested by the customer.

Standard Flush Panel

The most versatile door available the Standard Flush Panel can be made to suit any purpose. Regularly used as an internal door, skins and cores can be customized to suit weight and durability requirements. The doors frame and construction can also be customized to suit exterior environments, enduring hot summers and cold winters. The Standard Flush Panel is regularly glazed with top lite, half lite and multi lite panels.

Stained Grade Flush Panel

A favourite of high-end building projects the Stain Grade Flush Panel showcases beautiful timber veneers without the weight of a solid door. Made in any size these doors are often used as front doors and internal door for apartment complexes. Oversize doors incorporate a steel subframe which provides strength and stops bowing.

Nu Trend Doors

Often seen in commercial construction projects Nu Trend Doors are popular in schools, hospitals and modern homes. Generously positioned glass panels let in light and provide vision to what is behind the door, while radiating strength and structural integrity. These doors can be designed to swing both ways or be mounted on a pivot.

Augusta Entrance Doors

The Augusta Entrance Door is built to last and strong enough to withstand regular use and attempted unauthorised access. Often seen in new homes theAugusta makes a powerful statement asa front door. With a range of glazing options available these doors can be made to any dimension with or without asteel frame.


We offer our customers an almost limitless range of glazing options. Our stock range includes clear, laminate, safety, hush and tinted glass in 4mm to 9mm varieties. We can source a much larger range of glass varieties, as well as leadlight and stained glass for special jobs requiring an artisan touch.

Moulding & Metal Work

We stock a classic range of period mouldings suitable for Victorian, Edwardian and Federation styles. If our customer has a specific design in mind, we can help match the moulding to the door, and if we don’t have the moulding in stock, we can source it. For our big or oversize doors, we regularly use tubular steel to reinforce the door frame. The steel is not visible as it sits within the door as a sub frame.


Door and frame sets make installation simple and removes the time-consuming process of hanging a custom door from a standard frame. We make custom frames from Tasmanian Oak & Victorian Ash, and engineer each of our frames to fit the size and weight of the door. Our door and frame sets include seels, stops and sills as required by our customer.