We make custom routed doors in any shape or size. Our doors are designed for internal and external use and are predominantly made from MR MDF. Our designs are regularly customised with glazing, moulding and metal work to suit any application or style.


We predominantly use multiple layers of moisture resistant medium-density fibreboard sandwiched between a range of skins as specified by the client. We have a large range of routed profiles to pick from. If the door requires something unique we can measure the profile and have the cutter made.

Routed Exterior Doors

This super customisable exterior door is a favourite of building projects seeking a classic look without the cost of a joinery door. Made from moisture resistant MDF the Routed Exterior Door is regularly used as a front door and internally as a bathroom door. Lighter than a joinery door the Routed Exterior Door is an excellent option for pocket sliders and rail mounted doors.

Routed Interior Doors

Used exclusively indoors the Routed Interior Door is suitable for environments without excessive moister. Commonly used in apartment complexes and new home projects the door is relatively light weight and easy to hang. With limitless customisations the Routed Interior Door is a solid favourite.


We offer our customers an almost limitless range of glazing options. Our stock range includes clear, laminate, safety, hush and tinted glass in 4mm to 9mm varieties. We can source a much larger range of glass varieties, as well as leadlight and stained glass for special jobs requiring an artisan touch.

Moulding & Metal Work

We stock a classic range of period mouldings suitable for Victorian, Edwardian and Federation styles. If our customer has a specific design in mind, we can help match the moulding to the door, and if we don’t have the moulding in stock, we can source it. Similarly, for unique metal work we can source polished steel, wrought iron and other metals as required.


Door and framesets make installation simple and remove the time-consuming process of hanging a custom door from a standard frame. We make custom frames from Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash, and engineer each of our frames to fit the size and weight of the door. Our door and frame sets include seels, stops and sills as required by our customer.